IoT Positioning

Locate mobile & IoT devices in United States & worldwide, without GPS!

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Complex geolocation algorithms & fresh data help you locate more effectively. Documentation→


Our API is deployed across multiple data-centers & is monitored by a dedicated team. API Status →


Premium plans are as low as $1 per year! Startups also get special discounts. Pricing→

Whether you are locating mobile devices, vehicles or pets, you & your users need an accurate location. That's where we come in. Our geolocation algorithms work globally, indoors & outdoors and return a location instantly. Use cases →

With over 1501.2 million WiFis & 81.23 million Cell Tower objects, we have the most extensive database in the world across all leading WiFi & Cell Tower technologies (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE). We're constantly signing new data-providers to get you reliable data. Coverage Maps →

Ashley Grealish

“We reduced both upfront product cost & ongoing costs by replacing GPS tracking with LocationAPI.”

Christian Ryder

“We looked at a number of services & found Unwired was the best in coverage, price and performance.”

Ribal Zwein

“Unwired Labs provides an excellent solution, easy to use and implement at the most affordable price.”