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Locate & Map mobile devices in United States, without GPS!

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Complex geolocation algorithms help you locate IoT & Mobile devices without GPS. LocationAPI →


Add intelligence to your location data with street addresses, routing and more. LocationIQ →


Beautiful street & satellite maps to visualize your location data. Maps →

Locate IoT devices, vehicles & pets instantly with LocationAPI, our Geolocation service. LocationAPI works globally, both indoors & outdoors and without GPS. LocationAPI →

Transform your location data to street addresses, add directions and visualize everything on a beautiful map with LocationIQ. All this without the hassle of expensive contracts and inflexible licenses. LocationIQ →

Ashley Grealish

“We reduced both upfront product cost & ongoing costs by replacing GPS tracking with LocationAPI.”

Christian Ryder

“We looked at a number of services & found Unwired was the best in coverage, price and performance.”

Ribal Zwein

“Unwired Labs provides an excellent solution, easy to use and implement at the most affordable price.”