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An alternative to Mapzen and Pelias

Mapzen, sadly, will now be remembered in the past tense. Early this week, Mapzen announced that it will shut down all it’s services because….well, we’re not entirely sure yet. Balancing resources between commercial and the Open Source community can be extremely complex.

Mapzen did a wonderful job in the past 4 years, pushing the envelope of geolocation technology forward and bringing the community ahead with them. The wealth of OpenSource data and code left behind will last long after MapZen is completely gone.

Understandably, the unintended consequences of these developments left a number of businesses in trouble – businesses that rely on MapZen’s APIs for day-to-day operations.

We, at extend our warmest greetings to business looking for an alternative to Mapzen’s geocoding and mapping solutions. We’re currently offering a discount of 25% – for life!. We serve thousands of developers, open-source projects, small, medium and large business worldwide – from 1k calls per day to 1Billion – we’ve got you covered.

Edit: Our new Pelias endpoint is live! We now serve data from OpenStreetMap, OpenAddresses, WhosonFirst, Polylines & Geonames. is run by Unwired Labs – an enterprise geolocation solution trusted by businesses like AT&T, Gemalto, Panasonic, BBOXX, HP, Telit, Plex and more!

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