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The Hater app uses Unwired Labs’ Geocoding to make sense of GPS data

“At times hate can be more genuine than love” says Brendan Alper, founder of haterdater. Launched early this year, Haterdater (, has quickly scaled up and today has 120,000 active users on the app all over the world . In the highly competitive $2Bn online dating industry, Haterdater stands out by positioning itself as an app that connects people based on what they hate and not what they love.

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Unwired Labs' Trusted GPS

TrustedGPS: When GPS isn’t good enough

The recent news about an Uber driver spoofing GPS to inflate fares has once-again raised questions about the reliability of GPS as a geolocation mechanism.

An increasing number of businesses rely on GPS for localization & navigation. The open nature of GPS has made it’s way into almost every business application. Some businesses use it to tailor user experiences, while others have completely built their business models around it.

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BBOXX replaces GPS with Unwired LocationAPI

At Unwired, a few things make our day that much brighter. At the top of the list? News about our customers doing impactful things to make the world a better place! BBOXX, a SMART Solar company, and one of our early customers, has been in the spot-light for all the good reasons! They recently hit a fantastic milestone of electrifying over 100,000 households, in more than 35 countries, and improving the lives of more than 500,000 people. Continue reading

GPS isn’t good enough for your pet tracker

One in ten pets are lost to never return at some point in their lifetime. Back in the day, pug-shots and posters were the only option for identifying and getting our furry friends back. But the times have changed and so has pet safety. There are so many pet-tracking options available in the market that use the latest geolocation technologies, letting pet-parents keep an eye on their cats/dogs…or any pettable animals. Continue reading

OpenCelliD by Unwired Labs

OpenCelliD logo

There have been a few exciting changes at OpenCelliD, the largest Open Database of Cell Towers, over the past week and I’m here to update you about it. Markus Semm, the man who built and brought OpenCelliD to where it is today, has transferred its maintainership responsibilities to Unwired Labs.

In the past few years, OpenCelliD was funded by Markus’ personal funds and he’s taken care of all the development and infrastructure efforts and have single-handedly cleaned up the datasets and made it a reliable source. He believed it was time for it to grow further under a new custodian.

Who are we?

Unwired Labs is a leading geolocation company that specialises in Cell-tower & WiFi based positioning. We’ve been around for 4 years, but in this short while, we’ve rapidly built our partnership networks for data, helped thousands of developers/ startups create better products.

How is it going to help?

We believe in open-source and realize that it is a major contributor to geolocation services. We aim to improve OCIDs datasets, modernize its infrastructure and take it towards becoming a major open-source dataset for Cell, WiFi, IoT Wide area Networks. Unwired is entirely focused on geolocation, so it gives us incentive to share our resources and support the community.

What does this mean for you?

Better data that provides your apps and devices better locations! Also, you won’t have to worry about having to adapt to anything new. All the changes will happen at our end. Your contributions and tokens will stay intact and you will be able to download the database and request removal of your data – just like it was before. We will make sure the transition is smooth. Most importantly it stays open!

We’re really proud and excited to have been handed over this responsibility and are very excited to work with the community!


Gopi Aravind
CEO, Unwired

IWIT Digital and Unwired Labs Partner to Develop Wearable Devices for Children


IWIT Digital and Unwired Labs have entered into a partnership to create location-enabled wearable devices for children. The first of these devices, an intelligent watch with two-way communication capabilities, garnered much attention at the recently held HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

Leveraging IWIT Digital’s decade of experience manufacturing children’s products and Unwired Labs’ geolocation expertise in locating devices without GPS, the new wearables are designed for children’s safety. “We are excited about working with IWIT on this new range of products,” said Gopi Aravind, CEO of Unwired Labs. “Our platform will be able to locate millions of these wearables globally and provide parents with a peace of mind.”

iWIT watch specs

“There is a huge opportunity opening up in the wearables space for us,” said David Liang, CEO of IWIT Digital. “And we are glad to have Unwired Labs backing us as we create end-to-end hardware and software solutions.”

The first products will launch in early 2016. For more information,visit and

About IWIT Digital: Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, IWIT Digital is an innovative company focused on developing educational and safety products for children. They have over a decade of design, tooling and manufacturing expertise and are backed by leading investors such as Tencent Holdings Limited.

Geolocation & the Karma metric

Of the twenty or so metrics we monitor at Unwired Labs, the Karma metric is the most important one.

What is the Karma metric, you ask? Embarrassingly simple, really. It’s our name for successfully serving a request to a customer – in our case, successfully geolocating a request.

And Why is it so important? Because we believe in Karma. Every time we geolocate a customer’s request, we’re helping them help someone find their way in this world. And in time, we hope that means more requests from these customers, and at times, from their customers.

Karma Unwired Labs

And it’s paying off.

Over the last 60 days, our Karma rate has increased from 83.11% to 95.26%. That’s 95.26% good karma. And about 12% lesser bad Karma than 60 days ago. Incidentally, our user base and revenue have grown at a much faster rate.

What’s your Karma metric? Figure out what’s most important to your customer, quantify it and there you have it! Do leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thank you for a great year!

In many ways, 2013 was the year that defined us. Here are some highlights:

  • We started as a Cell Tower data aggregator supplying to other LBS companies
  • We pivoted from aggregating data to providing an affordable API for developers and companies
  • Our database grew from 2 million to 43.7 million cells in the last year
  • We reached a 3 million API requests per day milestone, and,
  • We hit the 6500 users and paying customers mark

We’d love to hear about how your year went. Do leave us a comment!

Oh, and PS: from all of us at the Unwired Labs’ LocationAPI team, here’s wishing you a happy new year 2014! May this be your best yet!

Happy new year 2014 Unwired Labs team!