Note on COVID-19

These are unprecedented times not just for business but for the world. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all of us and amidst this, our priority is to ensure the safety of our team, our customers, and the larger developer community. We want you to know that our services will be up and running, and our teams will be available for anything you may need, as usual.

Our Team’s Safety

To curb the spread of the virus and practice social distancing, our team has been operating fully remotely since March 16. We have equipped everyone with laptops, monitors, high-speed VPNs, video conferencing tools, and other essentials they may need while they continue to work from home to ensure your services are running smoothly. We have always had a very flexible work from home policy and this has helped us settle into the new normal comfortably.


Back in February, when the COVID-19 crisis was looming, we spent time accessing our systemic risk. To this end, our APIs serve requests from hundreds of servers, which are located across continents, vendors and clouds. All our APIs have redundancies in place, each endpoint has multiple failover endpoints, and backups are done periodically on-site and off-site. In the unlikely event that a data center vendor is down, our services will automatically switch to work from other locations seamlessly. In sum, our infrastructure is stable.

Our Financial Health

Unwired Labs has been in business for nearly seven years. We are self-funded and profitable. Our operations are lean and our reserves will pull us through any force majeure events for over 36 months before we seek outside funding.

Please be assured that our APIs will function normally, and our support will be as responsive as they have always been. We are happy to understand any challenges you are facing and support in any capacity that we can.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy!