New global endpoints in Asia, Europe and North America

Unwired Labs Endpoint locations

We have launched new endpoints in Asia (Singapore), USA West (San Francisco) and Europe (Amsterdam). Customers and developers in these regions can now enjoy low-latency access to our API. Along with the existing endpoints in USA East (New York) and Europe (Ireland), this launch increases the count of our global endpoints to 5.

The URLs to access each of our endpoints are listed here.

Street Addresses now available on LocationAPI

We’re excited to announce the Street Addresses (or reverse geocoding) feature on LocationAPI. With this launch, you can now request a physical street address along with the geolocation result.

To request an address, add the “address” parameter to your JSON request and set it’s value to “1” (without quotes). Please refer to the illustration below:


You can try this out live on our API page here. Happy locating!

New version of API – LTE support & more!

We’re happy to launch an update version of our API v2.

Major changes include:

  • Support for LTE technology with about 350,000 cells from 3 new data providers
  • Reduced server response time to under 15ms
  • New “radio” parameter that supports GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE cells

Please mail in your feedback to contact[at]; we’d really appreciate it!

Happy locating!

Geolocation & the Karma metric

Of the twenty or so metrics we monitor at Unwired Labs, the Karma metric is the most important one.

What is the Karma metric, you ask? Embarrassingly simple, really. It’s our name for successfully serving a request to a customer – in our case, successfully geolocating a request.

And Why is it so important? Because we believe in Karma. Every time we geolocate a customer’s request, we’re helping them help someone find their way in this world. And in time, we hope that means more requests from these customers, and at times, from their customers.

Karma Unwired Labs

And it’s paying off.

Over the last 60 days, our Karma rate has increased from 83.11% to 95.26%. That’s 95.26% good karma. And about 12% lesser bad Karma than 60 days ago. Incidentally, our user base and revenue have grown at a much faster rate.

What’s your Karma metric? Figure out what’s most important to your customer, quantify it and there you have it! Do leave a comment with your thoughts!

Thank you for a great year!

In many ways, 2013 was the year that defined us. Here are some highlights:

  • We started as a Cell Tower data aggregator supplying to other LBS companies
  • We pivoted from aggregating data to providing an affordable API for developers and companies
  • Our database grew from 2 million to 43.7 million cells in the last year
  • We reached a 3 million API requests per day milestone, and,
  • We hit the 6500 users and paying customers mark

We’d love to hear about how your year went. Do leave us a comment!

Oh, and PS: from all of us at the Unwired Labs’ LocationAPI team, here’s wishing you a happy new year 2014! May this be your best yet!

Happy new year 2014 Unwired Labs team!

6500 users and 3 million API calls!

Our 6500th user signed-up yesterday! That’s not all, we also reached 3 million API calls in the last 24 hours! This from just 100 users and 5000 API calls back in March!

We’d like to thank you, dear users, for getting us this far! We’d also like to thank Thomas Edison’s advice that helped us through tough times:

The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are: Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness, and Common sense.
Thomas A. Edison